Processing of applications

The foundation accepts applications for support and financial aid within the research and cultural areas. Applications are to fit within the prioritized support areas.

Please observe that no financial support is awarded for basic education, which includes studies up to and including doctorate degrees from universities. This applies for studies within Sweden as well as abroad. No financial aid is given for research trips or publication fees.

The research area

An application process for research support should always be initiated by submitting a preproposal (maximum one A4 page). The preproposal should contain a short description of the project aim, methods, costs and follow up opportunities.

The preproposal is reviewed and presented to the advisory board by the executive board member. The board decides if a full application should be submitted.

The complete application should include a full scientific description, aim, methods and a detailed budget. Furthermore, an outline of the yearly economic and scientific reporting process should be included. It should be noted that support for projects is usually limited to three years. However, this period can be extended upon a positive evaluation at the end of this three year period.

The foundation will only accept indirect costs (overhead) that are directly related to the project and are specified in the application budget.

All applications for research support should be authorized and signed by the person ultimately responsible for the financing of the project, which normally is the vice chancellor of the university.

A final decision about funding is made by the foundation’s board and the applicant will receive a written statement of the decision.

Questions about financial support within the research area should be directed to the board’s executive member, Professor Carl Eric Hagentoft.

The cultural area

The recipients of awards for education and teaching within the cultural areas are selected by an internal search process. Thus, applications are not accepted for these awards.

Other types of support can be applied for within the cultural area through a written application. The application should include the background and education of the applicant and the aim of the project.

The support within the cultural area is targeted towards individuals who have reached a certain educational or professional level and who want to further their ability and competence. For organizations, the goal is to evolve and improve the quality on a long term basis. Financial support cannot be used to cover operational costs.