18 September 2014



UBI Global Index Comparison Study covers over 300 university affiliated incubators, which includes among other top universities Stanford, UC Berkeley and Cornell. The unique ranking, prepared by an international research team and a panel of incubator-experts, analyses over 60 parameters to be able to compile the list. It intends to assist governments, investors and companies in the early stages to see where the best and most efficient incubators in various sectors are to be found.

The UBI Index Structure is based on one of the most comprehensive frameworks to measure the overall performance of incubators. The regulatory framework includes the incubator´s economic successes, such as the ability to create jobs and retain talents, the value it provides to their companies, as access to capital and skills development, as well as the companies’ development since the time in the incubator.

The Foundation Chalmers Innovation is one of the world´s best business incubators. It provides an exceptional value to their company, which in turn have a higher survival rate and growth rate than the global average, said Dhruv Bhatli co-founder of UBI Index.

Chalmers Innovation identifies, develops and finances technology-based growth companies. Established in 1999, Chalmers Innovation have evaluated 2 700 ideas, worked with over 200 projects, and been instrumental in starting over 130 companies. The 40 companies in which we are shareholders have a total value of over 1 billion SEK. We aim to be Sweden’s leading idea investor and business developer. Chalmers Innovation is selected to be included in regional and national investments from Almi Innovationsbron and Västra Götaland. Chalmers Innovation is supported by the EU Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme (CIP).